Expiration Week Countdown

Expiration Week Countdown allows you to target huge winners in less than 5 days by playing short-term trades during expiration week.

Target 200% Gains in Less Than 5 Days!

With MarektInvest's Expiration Week Countdown each month you’ll receive 6 trades, just 5 days before Expiration Friday—each targeting profits of up to 200%.

That's 6 profit-ready option trades, sent straight to your inbox.

Each trade comes with specific target profit levels and our exclusive "bullet point checklist" that will allow to understand at a glance the specific technical and options-based indicators that lead us to choosing these trades.

Simply place the trades on the Monday of expiration week and then sit back and wait to exit them—by following the specific exit instructions provided with each trade—the afternoon of expiration Friday at the latest. That’s just 5 days later.

It doesn’t get much easier than that!

And when it comes to short-term trading strategies similar to the one used in Expiration Week Countdown, we have a pretty impressive track record.

Our short-term trading services have scored triple-digit gains like:

126% GAINS on Apple

114% GAINS on Wells Fargo

149% GAINS on GoodYear Tire

118% GAINS on Twitter

108% GAINS on S&P Depositary Receipts

...And these are just a small sampling of the types of profits you could see.

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