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Getting Started with Options

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Start trading options today with this interactive options education course!

If you want to learn how to diversify your portfolio with options, take this opportunity to discover strategies from MarketInvest's team of experts with us.

With our online home study program, Getting Started with Options, you’ll gain a solid foundation for market success with MarketInvest’s cutting-edge analysis and insights. You’ll discover the key concepts and components you need to successfully trade options in today’s market.

Using a multimedia approach, this program is meant to maximize your ability to understand and retain these concepts and the program is divided into manageable sections, so you can concentrate on learning one major area at a time.

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Our home study program includes:

• An overview of option basics -- including the history of puts and calls, and a plain-English breakdown of the Black-Scholes pricing model.

• The mechanics of entering and exiting an options trade - including in-depth explanations of buying and selling strategies.

• Money-management guidelines - maximize your option profits with my easy-to follow tips.

• A step-by-step review of our Expectational Analysis® methodology - a proprietary combination of fundamental, technical, and sentiment indicators.

• Case studies based on actual trades - real-world examples show Expectational Analysis principles in action.

• A complete glossary and list of online resources - to further expand your options-trading horizons.

• Quizzes at the end of each lesson - double check your knowledge with 180 interactive questions.

You will learn the basics of options trading, enhance your trading skill set and benefit from MarletInvest’s proven methodology, Expectational Analysis®, all from the comfort of your own home through our online home study program, Getting Started with Options.

Join us now to get our online options course, Getting Started with Options, and discover how you can use the smart money management principles and strategies used by our team of experts to take your trading to the next level.

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