Leverage your portfolio with more conservative, in-the-money options and target gains of 100% or more! The strategy used in Leverage is the perfect way to cautiously play the market with limited risk.

Target Huge Gains with Limited Risk with Leverage

With Leverage you can cautiously play the market with limited risk, and still target those big gains.

The strategy used in Leverage includes only in-the-money options which, when used properly, offer a relatively conservative approach to option trading. By investing in the recommended in-the-money options, you can pay less and potentially make more!

What you get with your Leverage subscription:

  • An average of six real-time recommendations a month: Each trade includes commentary detailing why we believe the recommended option will produce profits for you of 100% or higher.
  • Increased opportunity and reduced risk: We recommend mainly in-the-money options, with this fast-paced, more conservative strategy.
  • Achieve your profits quickly: You will typically hold trades from 10 to 15 days.
  • MarketInvest's Alert Service Command Center: Our online Command Center is available only to our Alert Service subscribers. It provides you with unmatched control over your own investing destiny, allowing you to track all of your trades easily online.
  • Your FREE online trading handbook: Includes everything you need to successfully trade the Leverage, including our specific money management guidelines!
  • MarketInvest's Expectational Analysis® tracks literally hundreds of ever-changing measurements daily in order to find the best profit opportunities for you.

    Our Leverage recommendations lean toward the more conservative, deep in-the-money options on volatile stocks. This easy-to-execute strategy is so simple... and it can deliver triple-digit hits, plus a steady stream of doubles in between, all the while managing your risk and sparing your capital.

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