Market Investor Course


Market Investor

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The Market Investor course teaches MarketInvest's position trading strategies, processes and how to use the MarketInvest Market Scan tool to identify opportunities in only minutes. Consider this course if you want to take control of your retirement savings or make better longer term trades.

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What you learn

MarketInvest Investment strategies:

• When to buy or short
• When to exit
• Risk management and position sizing
• Processes for identifying opportunities using MarketInvest
• How to use MarketInvest's tools to identify stock investments and manage positions

Who it is right for:

• Those who want to manage their retirement and investment stock portfolios
• Willing to spend 30 minutes a week to 1 hour a day on their portfolio (depending on strategy)
• Entry level computer knowledge, ability to use Internet web pages

What is included:

• Access to the MarketInvest Foundation online course material
• Access to the Stockscores Investor online course material
• 6 months access to the MarketInvest Investor tools

MarketInvest Investor Tools:

• MarketInvest Market Scan with Investor strategy presets
• Risk calculator
• Sector watch
• Charting
• Chart Viewers

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