Master Portfolio

Watch our experts as they maneuver their own portfolio. Mirror their picks, select your own, or just look and learn.

Benefit from Our Experts Years of Trading Experience

MarketInvest's Master Portfolio is an opportunity for you to “look over the shoulder” of our experts team as they trade actual long-term stock positions in real time. You can rely on MarketInvest's proven market knowledge and trading techniques as you discover how to make intelligent investment decisions.

MarketInvest's portfolio is an ongoing effort we started several years ago on Marketocracy.com, which allows you to follow us as we trade this virtual portfolio, plus it provides you with our rationale for entering new positions.

The cornerstone of MarketInvest's unique analytical approach that underlies the picks in our Master Portfolio is our Expectational Analysis methodology, which analyzes technical and fundamental factors within the context of market sentiment. The key to this approach is accurately gauging investor expectations through various sentiment indicators.

The goal of this service is to make you a better trader by giving you the opportunity to learn from an experts.

What you get with your Master Portfolio subscription:

  • Complete transparency to MarketInvest’s stock trades.
  • Real-time email notifications when we make a change to our portfolio, along with analysis and commentary.
  • Access to view the Master Portfolio 24 hours a day, seven days a week – even when the market closes, the portfolio is always open on the web.
  • The chance to invest alongside MarketInvest by mirroring the Master Portfolio.

  • For less than $1.50 per trading day, you can look over our shoulder as we share our extensive trading and market insights with you. It’s your chance to apprentice with one of today’s top traders without ever leaving your desk.

    Master Portfolio gives you an opportunity to see Expectational Analysis at work and uncover stocks with profit-making potential. You’ll receive an average of one to several new positions per month, with a balance of 10 open positions, on average, in the portfolio.

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