With the momentum-based strategy used in PowerTrend, you could start seeing huge gains while only having to risk a fraction of what you'd spend trading stocks.

See Bigger Gains with Smaller Risks and Less Upfront Capital... It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

This is your chance to give your trading an extra edge with PowerTrend, our best performing real-time alert service in each of the past 2 years.

PowerTrend focuses on momentum-based trades in 3 easy steps:

1. We screen for stocks with momentum using our proprietary tools.

2. We find options with the potential to bring in big gains.

3. We determine the best time to buy options and give you recommendations in real time to help you make more money, with less upfront capital.

What you get with your PowerTrend subscription:

  • 4 trades every month: You’ll receive an email containing both an easy-to-understand trade recommendation and a trade commentary link. Just click the commentary link for greater insight on why we think this recommendation is poised to deliver gains. This link will give you immediate access to the trade commentary and graphs…and also technical, sentiment, and fundamental indicators and parameters. So, you’ll always have the information you need – showing you exactly why we expect the trade to deliver.
  • Closeout instructions: You’ll receive an email when we recommend closing out each position. So, you’re never left wondering what to do. You just sit back, place the trades, and wait for further instruction.
  • Target potential profits of up to 150%: Every PowerTrend trade will target potential profits of up to 150% in a time frame of two to six months. But here’s the exciting news – the profit potential for this service is really unlimited. As long as we see that the stock is likely to continue its momentum, we’ll hold onto the option. The more it goes up, the higher our returns! If the momentum turns, we’ll exit positions quickly, and wait for the next hot opportunity.
  • Profit in both directions: With options, we have the flexibility to profit in both directions. In addition to making money on stocks that are making big gains, we can also profit from momentum stocks that are headed on a downward trajectory. When we see a stock that’s ripe to continue falling, we’ll recommend a put option play.
  • FREE Trading Handbook: Provides everything you need to successfully trade with PowerTrend, including our specific money management guidelines.

  • This service is designed for traders who want the thrill of 150% or even higher potential returns, but don’t like the risk of trying to capture these gains in just days or a few weeks.

    Of course, not every trade in this service will deliver winners. There will be losing trades. But at MarketInvest's we use strict trading rules to cut our losses short. And with targeted trade returns of up to 150% and 4 trade recommendations per month, it won’t take many winners to make this strategy pay off.

Start Trading Now

With PowerTrend, you get an average of 4 trade recommendations, targeting profits of up to 150%, each and every month.

Plus, we’ll take you step-by-step through the trading process, so you know exactly why we expect the trade to deliver.

Our research team not only checks MarketInvest's own proprietary equity trackers for stocks on the move, we also monitor other sources like Investor’s Business Daily and The Wall Street Journal.

When we find a stock whose movement is in conflict with its sentiment, we know we have a potential big mover. But we don’t stop there. We run even more indicators and only pick the trades with the most profit potential for our subscribers.

We recommend only the most attractive momentum-based options plays – 4 of them per month. That’s at least 48 trades every year!

And, thanks to the leverage power of options, you can buy into these plays for much less capital than it would take to buy the stock.

Plus, you get out of the trade within two to six months. Or even sooner.